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EdTech Reboot

How To Recharge + Energize Your Classroom Instruction with Monica Burns

EdTech Reboot: Recharge + Energize Your Instruction is an in-depth, interactive 4 week course that transforms educators and their classroom from tech-sort-of to tech-savvy.


EdTech Reboot is a comprehensive course to designed to support educators who are ready to reboot technology integration in their classroom! You’ll learn how to take your current practice to the next level to create interactive learning experiences that transform students into creators while honoring their curiosity and providing opportunities for collaboration.

Press the button above to reach the course landing page!

Press the button above to reach the course landing page!

A few of you may have already heard the buzz… over 100 people joined the Summer Cohort and this week I’m opening up the Fall Cohort for new folks to join in!


Here’s what some folks said after taking the course this summer:

  • “I learned a great deal and am super excited about this school year because of it!”

  • “Very useful information that I can immediately use in my classroom!”

  • “Learned some sound pedagogy and some awesome educational technology tools.”

  • “I liked the freedom to work on my assignments when I wanted to.”

  • “My favorites were the videos and downloadable pieces.”

  • “It provided excellent information for enhancing the way I use technology in my teaching.”

  • “Thank you for making this so useful and easy to apply to my classroom.”

  • “It was great! I'm glad I signed up.”

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Does This Sound Familiar?

What if you could design engaging, purposeful learning activities with technology?

What if could Create opportunities to check for understanding with the digital tools in your classroom?

What IF you could turn students into content creators and connect them to authentic audiences?

What if you could actually see the light bulb come on with a student you’ve been trying to connect with all year because you introduced virtual reality and opened up their world?


Why I Created EdTech Reboot: Recharge + Energize?


When I started my career as a classroom teacher in New York City, I never would have imagined looking into my future I would be speaking at events like ISTE, SXSWedu, EdTechXEurope, and working with educators all over this world teaching them how to energize their classrooms with technology.


My teaching career began in a classroom with chalk, textbooks, and pretty much what we would all expect a classroom to look like. In just a few years, we traded overhead projectors for iPads and the change that I saw is exactly why I am here today.

My life’s work is to teach educators how to transform each classroom into a connected, inspiring, and engaging atmosphere. I want to see our learning environments go from simple technology integration to designing an atmosphere of creative and deeper learning. My goal is to share actionable, “ready to use tomorrow” tips for teachers + strategies that will impact the way you integrate technology in your classroom.

All of us want to be the type of educator that changes the lives of the students we touch. We all can imagine what it is like to see children who were once bored, struggling and showing little interest transform rebound and become curious, engaged students who value their time at school.

We all should have a pathway to help us to achieve these goals.

If we are going to transform our classroom we must prepare ourselves for the journey.

Here’s what you have to do to join the course:

  1. Visit the course landing page: http://go.participate.com/edtechreboot

  2. Click the red button + sign up

  3. Join before 5PM ET on October 1, 2017 to become part of the Fall Cohort

  4. You'll receive instant access to course materials including: videos, downloadable resources, podcasts, promo codes for favorite apps and more!

  5. On October 1st I'll send you the first of five special weekly emails with an eBook exclusively for the Fall Cohort, an invite to the special live Q&A session and extra instructions!

Fall Cohort Bonus Items


In addition to everything listed below here are four things that make joining the Fall Cohort special!

  1. Feedback on any work you complete during the four weeks of the course (October 1st to October 28th)

  2. Invite to a live Q&A session just for the Fall Cohort members (during the middle of October)

  3. Exclusive eBook just for the Fall Cohort members (sent to you the first week of October)

  4. Special weekly emails just for the Fall Cohort members (sent out Monday mornings to start each week strong!)




Access To Everything Even When Course Is Finished

FAQ Page with Monica's Answers to Your Questions

Discounts On Monica’s Favorite EdTech Tools

Earn Your EdTech Reboot Badge

Exclusive BONUS items for being part of the Fall Cohort (see below)


Week 1: Mindset Shift for EdTech: Tasks Before Apps

  • How-To Evaluate + Energize Traditional Tasks

  • How-To Design Engaging Tasks for Students (Curiosity + Collaboration)

  • Tasks Before Apps (Making The Shift)

Week 2: #FormativeTech 101: Check for Understanding with Tech

  • How-To Create a Backchannel for Student Discussion

  • How-To Make a KWL Meaningful

  • Meaningful, Sustainable + Scalable Formative Assessment

Week 3: Creation Inspiration: Designing Authentic Learning Experiences for Students

  • How-To Turn Students into Movie-Makers

  • How-To Share Student Work Local + Global

  • The Importance of Authentic Audiences

Week 4: Scannable Technology + Virtual Reality Starter Steps

  • How-To Get Started with Virtual Reality

  • How-To Use QR Codes to Differentiate Instruction

  • Virtual Reality Content Consumption + Content Creation


Fall Cohort Bonuses

  1. Feedback on any work you complete during the four weeks of the course

  2. Invite to a live Q&A session just for the Fall Cohort members

  3. Exclusive eBook just for the Fall Cohort members

  4. Special weekly emails just for the Fall Cohort members

After completing course requirements you will receive  Monica's EdTech Reboot badge from the professional development organization Participate!

Questions? Email: monica@classtechtips.com

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I'm totally new to using technology will this course help me?

Absolutely, it's perfect for getting your wheels spinning as you think about technology integration.


I've used a handful of tech tools before and I feel pretty good about the way I use technology in my classroom, will this course help me?

Definitely! It's a reboot full of lots of new tips tricks and strategies that you'll be able to make the most out of right away.


My fall is jam-packed, can I work at my own pace?

Yes! Our cohort officially starts October 1st, but see all of the materials for the course pop up right away - then you can work at your own pace over the next four weeks. During our bonus Week 5 I’ll give feedback on anything you create and submit!


Will this course give me ideas for my grade level?

I designed this course to be K– 12 friendly. You'll gather big ideas for any classroom and see lots of examples that fall into different grade level bands.


I don't have a classroom but I support teachers at the school or district level, is this course for me?

You bet! This course has lots of resources that are perfect for you to turnkey to big groups, share one-on-one with teachers you coach, and build your professional capacity to serve the teachers you work with.


When will I receive access to the materials?

Right away! You can get started as soon as you purchase the course


Will monica be able to answer my Edtech questions during the course?

Yes + yes! I will answer your emails, join in on the discussion page, and host a live Q&A  just for folks who join the course. I'll even give you an invite to a special Facebook page so you can share your questions and ideas there too!

Questions? Email: monica@classtechtips.com